Dealing with Colour & Purchasing Remorse

Knot Just Yarn Blog

Have you ever come to regret a project midway through?

More times than I can count, I have regretted two things in a project.

  1. Not investing in a better yarn.
  2. Realizing the colours weren’t exactly what I was envisioning.

As a kid, age 14 going to the yarn shop is based on what my job could afford me to purchase. Essentially, I would buy the cheapest yarns, even if the price was 50 cents less than the yarn I really wanted. By the time I was done the project, I wish I would have spent 50 cents more per ball because the same effort to make the afghan is identical. At the time of purchase it makes sense but maybe instead of buying all of my yarn at one time, I should have bought a few balls at a time, saved up my money and came back. BUT NO… I…

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